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About Us

Amit Trading Ltd. was founded some 25 years ago, and deals with the import, marketing, and distribution of raw materials for the chemical industry.
The Company’s main focus and expertise is in a wide range of industrial silicones, which are imported from several leading international companies.

Emulchem is the sister company of AMIT TRADING and its production arm.

Emulchem is a sister company to Amit Trading, functioning as the organisation’s production arm.
Emulchem manufactures and develops chemical mixtures for a wide range of industries, supplying high-grade products – especially those facilitating production processes – to industrial plants.
The Company’s product range includes silicone emulsions, wax emulsions, mold release and anti-tack agents, defoamers and anti-foaming agents, anti-crystallisation agents, dust repellents, and aerosols.



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